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CODE 03 : A Body in the Form of a Planet examines – over more than 300 pages and in a dizzying ascent of scientific, artistic and philosophical voices – the tension in distinguishing between what is currently understood and what is as yet unknown. Amidst an array of fashion editorials, think-pieces, poetry, philosophy, science, astrological history and high-concept performance art, contributors such as: Arca; Dorion Sagan; Dr. Sarah Pearson; Female Pentimento; Jenna Sutela; Cru Encarnação; Hendrik Schneider; Dylan Van Roost; Max Lange; Samuel Guerrero; Bridget Hamel; the Amazonian Kichwa of Sarayaku; and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory individually and collectively interrogate where the lines between shadow and light, cosmic and microscopic, magic and science blur.


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